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Plan your summer adventure now! Experience fresh air, the wild outdoors and breathtaking scenery as you travel across the ocean in our roomy ocean cruiser in search of marine wildlife.


Tours are on our 62' Marauder IV where there is loads of room for you to experience the great outdoors!

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Ticket Prices

  • Adults$129
  • Seniors$119
  • Youth$109
  • Children$99

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Winter (zodiac only)

  • Afternoon1:00 pm

You’re here to see the whales. And we’re here to help you do it!

You want Whales? We’ve got Whales. The local Orcas (Killer Whales), along with Humpback; Gray; and Minke Whales, cruise our waters throughout the year, giving us great success rates. In fact, everywhere you turn, the photographic opportunities in Vancouver Island’s marine ecosystem are spectacular. Keep your camera clicking as our on-board naturalist shares the ecology of the beautiful environment that surrounds you.

Our Whale Watching tours are 3 hours in length, and depart multiple times a day. And, you can choose which one of our purpose built boats suit you best. Departing from Vicotria's inner harbour, you can join us on the Marauder IV, our 61ft MotorYacht, or for a more adventurous ride hop aboard one of our high speed open Zodiacs. A tip for you – it’s best to allow some extra time for your tour, because sometimes we stay a little longer to give you the best trip possible!


Lastest Whale & Wildlife Sightings from our Captain's Log

Jumping for Joy- the Salish Sea at its best!

August 2, 2020

A full boat of excited passengers is always a great way to start a tour and boy oh boy what a tour! Every passenger and crew member were looking out over the Salish Sea to help find some sign of ...

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Our Lastest Whale, Wildlife, and Victoria News and Articles

The SnotBot over a Blue Whale collecting samples. Courtesy of Parley for the Oceans/Ocean Alliance

Snot Bot- it’s as gross as it sounds but it’s science!!

Snot, yepp snot that thing that kids seem to be obsessed with- it’s actually helpful. Scientists have developed an ingenious way to gather biological samples without harming or interfering with whale’s or dolphin’s daily lives by using a drone. It’s …

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Humpback whales: why are they so lumpy and bumpy?

Pectoral fins, head, throat and tail, all covered in bumps! Just a teenager with bad acne you might think? Well you couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to these angels of the sea… Heads up Let’s start from the …

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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day! We thought on this special day we would let you know just how much of a mommies’ boy and girl Orcas can be! Orca live in family pods that are matrilineal which, means the females are in …

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