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Whale & Wildlife Tours

We have provided educational and fun Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours From Victoria, British Columbia for almost 30 years!

Our tours will begin in June

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Guaranteed Whale Sightings

In 2022 we enjoyed a 95%+ sightings success rate! However the wildlife is wild! If we don’t see whales. Join us again (for free!) on stand-by until you do.

Victoria’s Best Price Guarantee

We strive to have the best prices for your tour. If you find a better price for a comparable tour we will beat it

No Booking Fee

Unlike others, there are no hidden online booking fees. If your plans change, give us 24 hours notice and you can change or cancel your reservation hassle free and without penalty.

Our Latest News & Articles

The image is of coastal rocks and water. There are a few seal heads poking out of the water, with a mother seal and calf laying on the rocks to the top left.

Seals’ “Catastrophic Molt”: A Natural Process

If you’ve spent time near the ocean lately, you might have noticed something unusual or even distressing. In late spring, all kinds of seals and sea lions are known to undergo a molting process. Sea lions have a much less dramatic molt, but seals have what is called a “catastrophic molt.”
The tail of a female humpback and her female calf are seen near Victoria earlier this year. (Pacific Whale Watch Association)

Why do whales migrate?

Why do whales migrate? Whales undertake some of the longest migrations on earth, often swimming many thousands of miles, over many months, to breed in the tropics. But what drives … Continued
Humpback breach

How Do Whales Communicate

How Do Whales Communicate? Whales communicate using a myriad of noises to socialize with the other whales in their pod. The method of communication depends on the species of whale … Continued

Killer Whales and Haida Culture

Killer Whales and Haida Culture I was born and raised on Haida Gwaii in the village of Skidegate. I was very lucky to have been brought up in my culture. … Continued