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Latest Whale News and Articles

New Zealand Fur Seal

From One Island to Another: New Zealand to Vancouver Island

My move from New Zealand to Victoria is always received with a similar response: “Canada is like New Zealand on a larger scale”, “British Columbia really reminds me of New Zealand” and one of the more creative “Canada is like New Zealand on steroids”. Now…

Southern Resident Killer Whales

Whales Face Challenges as Salmon Decline

Southern Resident Killer Whales Face Many Challenges: Declining Salmon May be the Worst Written by Stefania Gorgopa Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) are at risk and declining salmon are a large part of the problem. SRKW primarily eat Chinook Salmon. A large plentiful fish historically, Chinook…

T49A Transient Male Killer Whale


Pacific Whale Watch Association The Facts and Our Focus • We are 100% focused on the health of the whales and science-based solutions that best support their current and future well-being. • We have put together a science-based vessel management plan with input from leading…