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Humpbacks Abound.

Humpbacks abound! The many humpback whales in the strait are moving ever closer to Victoria as the feast upon the abundant bait fish. All photos taken by Captain Yves with … Continued

Humpback Feeding Frenzy!

October 24th was very enjoyable tour. Many humpback whales feeding on bait ball of herring. With many sea birds joining in the feeding frenzy. All photos taken by Captain Yves … Continued

Humpback Comeback!

This is the best time of the year. There are many impressive humpback whales to be seen just a short boat ride from Victoria. We were also in the right … Continued

Wind, Waves, and Whales

A wuthering day surrounded by walls of waves and wild whales is what today’s tour witnessed. Amidst the alliteration, this is an accurate summation of the adventure our capable crew … Continued

J-Pod Celebrates New Baby

While the weather may be changing and we feel winter coming up fast, good news can be a welcome ray of sunshine. This week we, once again, have the pleasure … Continued

Blue and Rare

Here at Springtide we are so, so grateful for the blue skies and clear air quality – you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone! In the spirit of … Continued

All Clear!

Could it possibly be? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait…it’s blue sky! For the first time in over a week the azure expanse of sky has been … Continued

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