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When is the Best Time to See Whales in Victoria?

In an earlier blog post we have explained that there’s not really any “best” time to see whales – just what works for you. However, we should probably explain some of the other factors that might influence when you’d like to come for a tour. 

If you’re a social traveller who loves the hustle and bustle of a full city, you would likely enjoy your trip most in July or August. Though aboard our vessels we tend to see peak numbers of whales in late spring or early fall, there is still lots of marine life to be seen out on the water during the heat of summer. Since other travellers tend to arrive here during those months, there are also many more events going on about town, like fairs, markets, tours, and music festivals, just to name a few examples. So, if you want to spend a hot day in the cool, refreshing sea breeze, then July and August are the times for you! 

However, if you’d prefer to take it slow, have a quieter journey, or maybe even save a bit of money, you might consider coming in the “off” season. (And “off” season is a bit of misnomer – there’s always so much to do here!) Should you choose to come in May or October, for example, the weather will likely be milder. You may get to experience some of that dreamy Vancouver Island drizzle, cozy up in a sweater on the Marauder, and see some whales on a nice, temperate day, if that’s more your scene. Moreover, because those months aren’t considered to be “peak” season, you may find cheaper accommodations, and you will certainly find them much easier!

As for the time of day that is best to see whales: again, there isn’t one. There are no particular times that whales are known to be more active. Whales don’t sleep for long periods of time: their rest cycles are more like human naps, so their active periods may vary. So, when booking your trip, don’t worry too much about the time of day your tour is at. We have sailings at 10 AM or 2 PM. Unless you’re a morning person, or want to soak up more sun, there’s not much difference the time of day your tour takes place will make. You’re still going to see whales – we guarantee it! Or you can return to try again until you do!

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