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We are lucky to be located on the Pacific coast where there are multiple different cetacean species that inhabit the local waters. One of the lesser-known cetaceans that we can see on our tours is the smaller-bodied Dall’s Porpoise. Black-and-white in colour and reaching speeds of up to 55km/h, these little porpoises look like torpedoes in the water!

Dall’s Porpoises can reach a maximum length of 8 feet and can weigh up to 440 pounds, tiny in comparison to Killer Whales who can reach up to 32 feet in length and 6 tons in weight. These smaller cetaceans can often fall prey to the much larger Killer Whales. They are known to be a very active species who will zigzag around at great speeds. Our waters are perfect for them as they prefer colder water habitats. One little known fact of Dall’s Porpoises is that females can successfully birth hybrid babies with another cetacean species in our waters, the Harbour porpoise!

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