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The tri-annual “Midwestern Deuce Days” is returning to Victoria this summer!  Come downtown and enjoy the show! Since 1998, Deuce Read more
Humpback breach
How Do Whales Communicate? Whales communicate using a myriad of noises to socialize with the other whales in their pod. Read more
July 19th 2021 Humpbacks
There were no humpbacks off southwest B.C. 25 years ago, but now as many as 500 have been identified   Read more
New Calf in L Pod. Welcome L125! The center for whale research has confirmed a new calf in L Pod. Read more
Opening April 16, 2021. 'Orcas: Our Shared Future'. A new exhibition at the Royal BC Museum. Read more
It has been made official. The ban on large cruise ships has been extended until 2022. Read more
How 'Transient' Orca are the new dominant group Mammal eating Orca are becoming the dominant eco type. An interesting article Read more
Springtide Storm Rider
Springtide is part of Tourism Vancouver Island's 'Storm Rider' series. Read more ... Read more
Spyhopping killer whale during springtide whale watching in Victoria
Matriarchal Societies In The Animal Kingdom Killer Whales display this form of social organization and we have had the opportunity Read more
Spyhopping Resident Killer Whale
Whales, or to use the scientific word 'Cetaceans ' can spend much of their life below the surface. But once Read more
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