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Transients are Becoming the New Residents!

Check out this awesome article from Kiro 7 News regarding our Transient Killer Whale population! Now deemed “Resident Transients,” mammal-eating Orcas are becoming familiar visitors to northwest waters. Transient or … Continued

World Champions of the Oceans

A recent analysis suggests that the oceans may contain between 700,000 and 1 million animal species! Of course, in nature, every single animal is important but some of them are … Continued

Orca Baby Boom Despite Toxic Waters

Editors Note: As of September 8, 2015 there are 82 Resident Orcas, with the birth of a fifth calf! By Christine Roper With 81 members in the population, the Southern Resident … Continued

All About Otters!

Written by Christine Roper, SpringTide Naturalist As a naturalist onboard our whale watching vessels, I often get a lot of questions about the otters we see in Victoria. Although we … Continued

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