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This year, we are proud to celebrate SpringTide’s 20-year anniversary, providing Whale Watching Tours and Fishing Charters in beautiful Victoria, BC. To celebrate, we are offering a 20th Anniversary Promotion.  Readers will receive 20% off Whale Watching, from now until July 30, 2014! To redeem this offer, simply quote the 20th Anniversary Promo Code listed at the bottom of this blog when you request a booking online.

Read on to learn a little more about the SpringTide story from Co-Owner Joanne Kukat, as she takes us through the past 20 years in the whale-watching industry.

Why did you start SpringTide Whale Watching?

We started the company so that we could live in Victoria. My husband and I both had corporate-type jobs in Vancouver, but we really wanted to move to Victoria with our very young family. Rather than transport our corporate jobs over to Victoria, we decided to start the company.

We owned a 36′ sport fishing boat, and saw the opportunity for high-end sport fishing, so we began a charter business. After we did that for a year or so, the popularity of eco-tourism really started to take off. People were showing more of an interest in viewing marine animals. When that happened, we built our first Zodiac and it all unfolded from there!

How have things evolved since then, business-wise?

We started with one boat; now, our fleet includes three Zodiacs, a 42′ Sport Fisher, and a 62′ Ocean Cruiser! The reason that we use the Ocean Cruiser – and have kept with it – is because of its popularity among our guests. The inside seating, top viewing deck, and walk-around side decks make the entire length of the boat accessible for spectacular viewing. What’s better, this kind of whale watching boat is unique here in Victoria.

Now, our whale watching and eco-tourism business has outpaced the popularity of the fishing charters, with visitors from all over the world joining us on our tours.

Have you noticed any changes in the wildlife?

Yes, we have. For one, the Resident Killer Whales (Orca) have been staying closer to Victoria over the years. Also, a fascinating and exciting change is that the population of Humpback Whales visiting our area has really increased. There must be enough of a food source to entice them stay around (they eat Krill and schooling fish).

Over the last 2 years, there’s also been a very obvious increase in the number of Transient Killer Whales in the area – they have found a really good food source in our Seals, Sea Lions and Porpoises. For our guests, this means there’s more than ever to see on our whale watching tours!

What is your favourite part about running SpringTide?

For me, it’s absolutely working with my staff. And, I get excited about seeing all of our different guests. It’s not just about trying to get them on our boats; it’s introducing them to Victoria and suggesting things to do on the island. I really want them to love Victoria as much as we do, and all of our staff feels the same. Sometimes, half our day is spent assisting people with suggestions of great places to visit.

What is the most exciting thing your team has seen on the water?

Whales on the runway! Victoria’s Inner Harbour is actually classified as an airport, and there have been numerous times where we have had Orca competing for the landing strip. When this happens, all planes have to go into a holding pattern while the inquisitive Orca take their to time enjoy the scenery of the Inner Harbour!

What do you think the future will bring?

Going forward, our focus will be on conservation. The future is about keeping our marine wildlife healthy and reproducing. This is something we support at fundamental level. I truly believe that our Whale Watching Tours increase guest’s knowledge and respect for the environment. If people have been out on the ocean and felt something for an animal, I think they begin to feel a sense of personal responsibility. We have to get people truly caring about our marine wildlife and their habitat.

Now you know the story behind this successful whale-watching venture, be sure to use the 20th Anniversary Promo Code “20YEARS!” to receive 20% off Adult Whale Watching Tickets booked online.

We look forward to having you aboard!


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