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Mysterious White Whales of the World

Never has there been a more famous whale, real or imagined, than Moby Dick, the white sperm whale of literature who tormented an old sea captain. Captain Ahab swore to … Continued

Humpback breach

Humpback Whale Communication

Local Conversations or Long Distance Calls?  New discoveries are uncovering secrets of Humpback Whale Communication! Humpback whales are one of our favourite cetaceans to see in the waters around the … Continued

Sea Otter Awareness Week 2016

Happy Sea Otter Awareness week! From September 18-24, 2016, the world recognises the very important role that sea otters play in our coastal environment. We have gathered together some interesting … Continued

Return of the Sea Lions

The time has come again; sooner than we would wish, summer is coming to an end. As fall creeps closer, our crew has been noticing that the Race Rocks Marine … Continued

Where is Blackberry? (J27)

UPDATE: July 14, 2016 – Blackberry was finally spotted with J Pod and we are thrilled! To see his picture, visit our Facebook page! J27 Blackberry currently missing. As one … Continued

Southern Resident vs. Transient Orcas

As you may already know, we are lucky enough to receive the visit of two very different populations of orcas here, in the Salish Sea: the southern residents and the transients. … Continued

Baby Boom or Bust?

Everybody loves baby animals and baby killer whales are no exception. Baby whales are called calves and they usually look like miniature versions of their adult forms. When killer whale calves … Continued

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