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Will there be cruise ships arriving in Victoria in 2021? Springtide CEO and Greater Victoria Harbor Authority CEO Ian Robertson Read more
Killer Whale pod known as the T60s
  To answer you immediate question:  Yes we do see whales in the winter and yes it is cold! What Read more
The SnotBot over a Blue Whale collecting samples. Courtesy of Parley for the Oceans/Ocean Alliance
Snot, yepp snot that thing that kids seem to be obsessed with- it’s actually helpful. Scientists have developed an ingenious Read more
Happy Mothers Day! We thought on this special day we would let you know just how much of a mommies’ Read more
Travelling to Egypt while staying right at home It’s day 457 of the COVID Quarantine… or at least that’s what Read more
Origins This year celebrates the 50th year of Earth Day with the theme of climate change. Earth Day is the Read more
Two leaping Killer Whales. Picture taken by SpringTide Crew with a zoom lens.
No this is not a day to dress as a frog and go leaping around your town. This is a Read more
Plastic Trash-by Public Domain Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Eight million metric tons. That’s how much plastic is dumped into waterways each year, making its way to the ocean. Read more
Last week, it was a pleasure to be able to welcome aboard Kori Sidaway from CHEK news to talk about Read more
Since the beginning of the summer season here in Victoria, we have had many sightings of one of our cute Read more
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