Marine Wildlife Tours

Just because the Summer is over, it doesn’t mean our animals disappear! From November to March, SpringTide offers Marine Wildlife Tours under our beautiful, ever-changing skies. Through to early Spring, you’ll get up close and personal with all sorts of West Coast wildlife – and witness some of the most glorious seascapes British Columbia has to offer.  Hop aboard one of our high-speed, open Zodiacs for an adventure you’ll never forget!



Zodiacs come with a high-speed adventure guarantee! With two engines and seating for twelve, they’re perfect for anyone who wants to experience an exhilarating ride in the open air.

We’ll fit you out with a Transport Canada approved full-length flotation suit, which looks pretty cool. It fits over your street clothes, and you can bet we’ve got your size!  These suits are designed for safety .. so, yes, they keep you floating if you decide to use them swimming.   But they are not waterproof.  So, on a windy day, with salt spray in the air, you can get wet and chilled! If you get cold easily, you should plan on bringing lots of extra clothes.  Backpacks and valuables are best left at home on your exciting adventure trip on these fun fast and open boats.

*Please note that SpringTide does not recommend Zodiac travel for children under 8, expectant mothers, people in frail health, or those with chronic neck, back, hip or knee problems.  Please be prepared to get wet on these trips and dress accordingly.


  • Huge Steller and California Sea Lions, weighing up to 700 kg
  • Harbour Seals and Elephant Seals, blinking lazily in the late afternoon sun
  • Bald Eagles, scanning the ocean for something to eat
  • Dall’s Porpoise and Pacific White-sided Dolphins, darting playfully off the bow of your boat
  • Great Blue Herons, picking their way through the shallows of a quiet cove in search of supper
  • Cormorants perched on rocks, holding their wings out to dry before taking their next flight.

With an abundance of Sea Lions, Seals, Seabirds and the chance to see Whales, our wildlife is never far from the coast of Victoria. Who’s calling this the off season? Join us for your wild west coast adventure!

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