Cruise in comfort aboard our 60’ Motor Yacht, Marauder IV, which can accommodate up to 84 passengers. During the 2020 season, and for your comfort, we are providing our guests with more room.. a maximum of 47 guests per trip!   Marauder IV offers cushioned seating and a stable, quiet ride that’s perfect for guests of all ages and abilities. With a spacious heated cabin and luxurious interior, your Whale Watching adventure is sure to leave a pleasantly refined aftertaste. We’ve even got a fully equipped head (that’s bathroom, for those of you who don’t speak mariner!).

Marauder IV tours are offered daily April through September.

Please contact us for her schedule during the late fall and winter months.

The Marauder IV at a glance

  • Comfortable, spacious seating for 84 (2020 season, reduced to 47!)
  • Two indoor cabins (2020 season, we provided you assigned seats)
  • Stable, quiet ride
  • 360-degree walk-around outside decks & seating on large front deck
  • Complimentary hot beverages (may not be available in August)
  • Washroom facilities
  • All-weather jackets and pants provided for your comfort
  • Captain and Biologists/Naturalists ready to answer your questions
  • On-board sound system and hydrophone to listen to the Whales!


What to bring on the Marauder IV

  • Your camera
  • Protective face covering
  • Warm clothes – jackets, hats, gloves.
  • Closed shoes, running or deck shoes are perfect
  • A sense of adventure!

Aboard Marauder IV, we’ve got all-weather jackets and pants if you need that extra layer. The Ocean Cruiser’s 360-degree walk-around decks offer fantastic photo ops, plus the thrill of soaring mere meters above the Ocean’s surface. She’s the only vessel in Victoria to offer such unparalleled access.  Seating on the open Front Deck makes for the “Zodiac experience”, but on a big boat!  Want a birds-eye view? Come up to the top deck. Sit with the Captain and you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the seafaring life.

If all that fresh Pacific air gets to feeling a bit brisk, come on down to the cabin area and let us pour you a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Then find yourself a cozy window seat so you can keep an eye out for the Whales. If they’re close enough, you’ll be able to hear their vocalizations through our on-board hydrophone. Our state-of-the-art sound system allows for all guests, inside and outside, to enjoy informative narration by our Naturalists. And remember: our Naturalists possess a vast base of biological and ecological knowledge. They’re here to broaden your experience and satisfy your curiosity, so if you’ve got a question, ask away!

Marauder IV leaves the Inner Harbour this season at 1:00 p.m.

So…why does an ecotour company have a boat called Marauder?

Back in the day, Marauder IV was a well-known charter sport fishing yacht working out of Vancouver’s Bayshore Hotel. She was kind of like royalty. She’s still recognized in our waters by people who remember her. We’ve left her name intact because…well…it’s a sentimental thing. Besides, it gets people talking!

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