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A wuthering day surrounded by walls of waves and wild whales is what today’s tour witnessed. Amidst the alliteration, this is an accurate summation of the adventure our capable crew and courageous guests went on. While the weather was feisty, so were we! Onward, ho, and off we go! With a bearing west, Captain Ian charted a course towards a humpback whale hanging out with views of home’s harbor.

Humped back of a Humpback Whale with views of the city. Photo taken with zoom lens and heavily croppy by Captain Yves.

After spending sometime with this oceanic giant, word reached us that we were bound to find yet another species of marine mammal – Bigg’s Killer Whales were on their way! West of Race Rocks Lighthouse, we blazed a trail to find these striking creatures. Lo and behold, we arrived on scene with T-19B and T-19C.

Bigg’s Killer Whales – T-19b and T-19c. Photo taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped by Captain Yves

Always a wonder to behold, we stayed with these wonderful animals, enjoying their presence around us as they enjoy the salted ocean and readily available food sources!

Guess who? Photo taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped by Captain Yves.

Here is a lovely photo of an underrated resident as well – the Common Murre. Let’s give our marine birds some love too!

One of the many Common Murre’s we see on the water. Photo taken by Captain Yves
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