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Setting sail into sunny skies on Saturday, we were excited to see some wildlife. We sailed 6 miles south and were greeted by a welcome sight: a humpback whale. Its large blows were amazing to see, shooting up out of the water. This animal was likely feeding as it dove down into the water, showing off its large tail flukes. Truly an iconic sight!

We continued to Race Rocks where we were greeted by some smaller marine mammals, sea lions and harbour seals! Yesterday was one of the first sightings of Steller sea lions we’ve had in the past month. They head north to their breeding grounds in late May, but it looks like they’ve started to return. There were only a couple seen yesterday but their numbers have already doubled! We’re looking forward to seeing them back, despite the noise (and smell)!

Steller Sea Lion. Photo by Jason McLean. Image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.
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