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OCTOBER 19 2017 – Transient orcas killing a seal! We left Victoria harbor in a light rain and an overcast sky. We had a report of orcas towards the east in Haro Strait. Due to no boat on scene we searched for a while together with other whale watching boats. As a result, we soon found the transient orcas and they were hunting. Just as we got close they were about to kill a harbor seal.

It was the T123’s, T49B’s and T49A1 traveling together. Celebration was seen after the meal, breaching and spy-hopping. T123A “Stanley” did some impressive fully breaches! The orcas torn the seal apart right next to our boat and so the water colored red for a while. It seemed that the younger whales in the group got to eat the seal. Afterwards the whole group started traveling north. In conclusion a wonderful experience with transient orcas and even the rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying this!

spy-hop orca, orcas killing seal
Transient orca celebrating a hunt with a spy-hop!

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