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JUNE 7 2018 – What a treat we experienced today! Reports of multiple families of Transient Killer Whales and Humpback Whales in the area! Our morning zodiac and covered vessel tours left and almost immediately caught up with two Humpback Whales! One of these whales is the well known female named Heather who is the offspring of, also well known, Big Momma. It is always great to see Heather feeding in our waters! After spending time with the Humpbacks we moved on and found some Transient Orca. It is always amazing to see two species of Whale in the same trip!!! We are still smiling about it!

It kept getting better and better as the day continued! The afternoon zodiac and covered vessel tours started right inside the inner harbour as the T49A’s decided to make an appearance right next to our office! They had the whole city buzzing having hundreds of people surrounding the banks of the harbour in order to get a glimpse from land. These Transient Orcas made a couple rounds in the harbour before heading back out into the strait. Once in the strait we were delighted by, what looked like, playtime among the youngsters in the family! We observed multiple tail lobs and porpoising! After a great encounter with the T49A’s we made our way to Race Rocks and spent some time with Harbour Seals, California Sea Lions, a Bald Eagle and a Elephant Seal. What a day and definitely one that will be remembered for a long time!

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The T49A’s right inside the inner harbour!!

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