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Thursday was a beautiful day on the water. We had our large covered vessel, Marauder IV, and our zodiac, FasTide, both out searching for wildlife in the morning.

Transient Killer Whale
Male Transient Killer Whale, Photo by Yves Trottier, Image taken by zoom lens and heavily cropped

Marauder IV went South East into US waters where they were delighted to find a group of Transient Killer Whales, including T87, T90, and T123.

Transient Killer Whales
Transient Killer Whales, Photo by Naturalist Marcus Bergstrom, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped

FasTide Skipper, Mark, decided to go South West from Victoria to cover more ground in our search. Mark and his passengers were rewarded with a Humpback Whale that surfaced repeatedly, showing its large black back and tail flukes.


In the afternoon Marauder IV and two of our zodiacs departed Victoria with many excited passengers. With so many eyes on the water we were bound to find something.

Zodiac FasTide
Our zodiac FasTide, Photo by Chief Mate Yves Trottier

All three boats headed East to search for the Transient Killer Whales from the morning. Skipper Bennit, aboard RipTide, took his passengers to meet up with the Transient Killer Whales in US waters. Bennit was in awe when at the end of the encounter a whale spy-hopped, poking its head out of the water,  almost as if to say good-bye.

The passengers aboard Marauder IV were also treated to a pair of Tufted Puffins. There are only a few breeding pairs on nearby Smith Island making it a lucky sighting.

Tufted Puffins
Tufted Puffins, Photo by Yves Trottier, Image taken by zoom lens and heavily cropped

In all it was another great day on the water. Take a look at our facebook page for more photos from our trips.

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