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May 8 2019- A full search delivered several different species on the afternoon tours.

The Zodiac, skippered by Captain Marty departed for Constance Bank in search of wildlife.  On their tour south into US waters they checked out Rock Pile, a popular fishing spot. Then they headed back into Canadian waters, cruising past Becher Bay, Whirl Bay, and then Race Rocks. On the tour they saw six different species. There were several majestic bald eagles, and some shy harbour porpoises. The three types of pinniped they saw included the large Elephant Seals, smaller California Sea Lions, and the loud Steller Sea Lions. They also spotted our resident Sea Otter, affectionately known as Harry. Having many different species in one area is what scientists call biodiversity. Biodiversity can be a sign of the ecosystems health, if an area can support many species it’s probably in good shape. What a great day on the water!

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