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“There she blows!” – A passenger on our afternoon tour today got to yell this out as a Humpback Whale surface right next to our boat.

Our morning tour today headed off the beautiful first day of September. The morning had a bit of a chill, felt very much like an autumn day. Our boats headed out and caught up with some Bigg’s Orcas. These are the marine mammal- eating Killer Whales.

Afternoon tour headed in the southwesterly direction towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Shortly thereafter, our Covered Vessel was in Humpback-rich water. Captain Ian slowed the boat and we slowly approached, keeping our eyes peeled as there were whales all around us. Passengers had a great time watching multiple Humpback whales that were surfacing in different directions. One Humpback swam right up to the boat that when she breathed out passengers could see how big her blow holes were!

Humpback whale blow hole
Humpback Whale Blow Hole

Once we had spent considerable time with the friendly giants, we moved on towards Race Rocks. Here passengers got to see lots of California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions, and Harbour Seals. They even got a glimpse of a gorgeous Bald Eagle sitting on one of the rocks.

Wonderful day out on the water!

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