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The clouds parted and the sunshine broke through for the afternoon trip on our Covered Vessel, Marauder IV. After a successful morning with Transient Killer Whales the crew were keen to emulate the same.

Playful Killer Whales
Playful Killer Whales, Photo by Captain Yves, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

The boat headed south of Victoria aiming for a spot east of Port Angeles where the sighting had been earlier that day. We all buckled in for the 1 hour cruise over and soaked up the sunshine as we bobbed along. With Captain Ian’s eagle eyes we encountered a surprise visitor on our travels, “Split Fin” the Humpback Whale. We watched a couple of graceful blows and “Split Fin” waved us off with a flick of his tail. Radio chatter has us thinking the killer whales had changed direction so we pressed on.

Eventually we caught up with them and they did not disappoint! The family group T65As were very energetic! Perhaps celebrating a recent hunt, we witnessed many a spyhop, tail slap and were even treated to a majestic double breach by two of the animals! Everyone on board, including the crew, were in awe. A truly special viewing indeed.

Bigg's Transient Killer Whales
Bigg’s Transient Killer Whales, Photo by Captain Yves, Image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

Two species of whale & plenty of sunshine, what more could you ask for on a holiday weekend Sunday! Check out some other trip photos in our Facebook album!

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