resident killer whales
Resident Killer Whale Surfacing

September 4, 2016 – In the morning we left Victoria under a beautiful and already warm sun. We headed east towards San Juan Island where we heard resident killer whales were spotted. We sailed for a while, and then finally found them south of the island, looking for food (certainly chinook salmons as this fish make up to 95% of their diet). We followed a big lone male and a small group with 2 females and a young orca for a bit before heading back to Victoria. On the way, our naturalist gave an interesting talk about all the marine mammals we can find in the area.

In the afternoon, we once more headed east to catch up with the resident killer whales we saw this morning. We soon found them south of San Juan Island. This time, two families were waiting for us. They were swimming west in the search of some prey, so we followed them for a while. It was fantastic. We saw some of them tail slapping as well as flipper slapping. We then enjoyed a nice ride back to Victoria for a beautiful evening in the city.

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