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Stellar Sea Lions, Resident Killer Whale Tours Victoria BC
Steller Sea Lions at Race Rocks

Aug 1 2018 – Resident Killer Whales stole the show today.  In the morning we traveled west towards Secretary Island as we heard there were Killer Whales in the area.  When we got there we saw members of L pod, one of our resident pods.  Most were spread out along the shore but L85 (Mystery) one of the large adult males was out in open water.  After spending time with Mystery and getting many good looks at him we went to Race Rocks, an ecological reserve with abundant wildlife including Harbour Seals, sea lions, Elephant Seals, one Sea Otter and abundant sea birds.  A great morning out with lots of wildlife.

In the afternoon we again headed west towards Race Rocks since we had seen a number of Humpback Whales in the area the day before.  As we approached the area we saw the blow of a Humpback. It was Sapphire a whale we’ve seen before in the area. After getting lots of good looks and photos we headed further into Juan de Fuca Strait and found more Humpbacks. As we sat with engines off waiting for a whale to surface from its feeding dive it surfaced close to the boat giving everyone on board a good look at how large these animals are.  After leaving the whales we again headed to Race Rocks to look at the seals, California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions and the resident Sea Otter.  Another sunny day on the water.

If you were lucky enough to have joined us on today’s tours you can check out the photos from today’s tour on SpringTide’s Facebook Page or if you would like to join us on a future tour why not Book Now and choose the boat that works best for you.

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