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AUGUST 19 2018- Trips today headed West towards Albert Head to see a Bigg’s Orca mother & son duo, T10 and T10C. Last summer they were seen often with the family T60’s so it was good to see them again! This time, the duo was on their own and hugging the coast line. Our boats got to spend a long time watching the pair with Vancouver Island’s rugged coast as a beautiful backdrop.

Before heading out of the area, our boats caught up with a juvenile Humpback Whale that has been seen the last few days. Similar to the last few sightings of this particular Humpback, it was happily feeding along the coastline.

Finally, our tours headed towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Once there, passengers got to catch a glimpse of Harbour seals, California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions, and even ‘Harry Otter’ the local resident Sea Otter.

Mother & Son Duo


Photo (taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped) by naturalist Marcus #Springtide #WhaleWatching #Orcas #Humpbacks

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