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MARCH 3, 2018 – Before our group even got on the Zodiac they saw 3 river otters lounging on the dock,  great way to start today’s Marine Wildlife Tour! The group, led by Skipper Ian, headed to Trial Island where they viewed the light house and eagles perched on the rocks. Next they went over to the Chain Islets and Discovery Island. Harbour seals were lounging on the rocks enjoying the sun. RipTide explored some deeper waters and sped over to Race Rocks, there were many Steller and California Sea Lions hauled out, making loud growling and barking noises. Then Harry the Sea Otter made an appearance! Harry Otter was floating on his back and then surprised us by climbing onto the rocks to clean himself. Everyone was enjoying the sun today!

Otter, Sea Otter, SpringTide, Marine Wildlife
Harry the Sea Otter


Sealion, steller sea lion, springtide
Steller Sea Lions Hauled Out
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