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We couldn’t have asked for more from the conditions today. Our Zodiac and covered yacht set sail in search of wildlife in both the morning and afternoon.

On this occasion we did not have to go far and east of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve we came across two Humpback whales. The sun glistened off their backs and as they flicked their tails up into the air the water cascaded down like a waterfall. We added to our species count considerably via a pit-stop at the Reserve itself.

Humpback Whale
A Humpback Whales surfaces with the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop. Photo taken by naturalist Gord with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


Steller Sea Lions sat proudly on the rocks, while the Harbour Seals lolled in the shallows. A large grouping of both Steller and California Sea Lions were caught having a mid-day nap while “Harry” the Sea Otter showed us his perfected backstroke through the Bull Kelp. We like to provide a little something for everyone here at Springtide and for the birders on board, pelagic cormorants gathered together in a dense grouping.

Sea Otter
Harry the Sea Otter floating in the bull kelp. Photo taken by naturalist Gord with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


A magical day with wildlife in abundance!

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