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Wednesday Dec 6th 2018 – Today was another great day for watching Whales!  Captain Ian headed out on calm seas with the sun shining.  Within 30 minutes or so he saw some Humpback Whales blowing in the distance.  A blow of a Humpback Whale can spout up to 30 feet in the air.  So on a day with little wind the spouts conveniently hang in the air waiting to be seen by whale watchers 🙂

As he got closer a call came in over the radio that Transient Killer Whales had been seen to the south of where he was.  There was only one other boat on scene which meant it would be a beautiful private viewing experience.  Captain Ian sped south and caught up with the pod of stealthy Whales.  They were clearly in hunting mode, zig zagging back and forth close to the Washington State shoreline.  Our guests were delighted to watch these whales in the wild.  Such an exciting experience!

On the way back to Victoria, as the sun began to set, the lighting was beautiful.  Pinks and oranges filled the sky.  Ian made a quick stop at Race Rocks to show our guests the scores of Seals and Sea Lions that are hanging out there at this time of year.  It was a great end to a super day on the water.

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