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Here at Springtide we are so, so grateful for the blue skies and clear air quality – you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone! In the spirit of the shift in wind and weather we prowled the Strait of the Juan de Fuca for an invigorating tour. Luckily we didn’t have to go very far to come across some superstars close to Race Rocks. Pictured above it something Victoria area bird watching enthusiasts would be excited to see – a Leach’s Storm Petrel. These reclusive birds typically set up shop on remote islands (think Haida Gwaii) to breed and feed. To venture towards such a busy hub of activity like Race Rocks is unusual for the species but we were so fortunate to see such a rarity let alone snap this picture!

Humpback at Race Rocks. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

We were also very fortunate to come across a Humpback Whale which was cruising around mostly likely feeding on small crustaceans and fish below the surface of the water. These gentle giants can register on the scale at about 40 tons and can grow up to 60 feet in length! It’s hard to imagine an animal that large maneuvering so gracefully but we are happy every time we get to see their ponderous passage like today.

Slow dive to deeper waters. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

After hanging out with the main event for a while, on our way back home a pit stop closer to the rocks where we get ample and wonderful viewings of Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. We love watching the seals strike a ‘banana pose’ – not only is it ridiculously adorable but it serves the function of keeping their less blubbery bits out of the cold water!

Charades; Category is “Popular Fruits”. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.
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