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Bald Eagle, Victoria BC

Feb 27 2019 – Captain Ian headed out on our vessel, the SpringTide I, with Naturalist Heather as his crew.  The day was gorgeous.  Flat calm waters and very mild for a February day!  An excited group of Japanese tourists enjoyed the coastline from Victoria to Becher Bay & back.  During the tour they were treated to sights of multiple Bald Eagles, Harbour Seals, Steller and California Sea Lions and even a huge Northern Elephant Seal basking on the rocks of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  There were no whales in town today but regardless of that the group had a great trip enjoying the breathtaking scenery and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest 🙂

To learn more about SpringTide and what we are doing to help the wildlife in our area head to our Contribution to Conservation Page!  Or if you are interested in seeing pictures from our tours or watching cool videos and reading interesting articles then check out our Facebook Page!

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