When we see something exciting – Killer Whales spyhopping and breaching, for example – our first urge is to get up close for a better look. However, while this might satisfy our craving for over-the-top excitement, disregarding the viewing guidelines and going inside the ‘no-go’ zone is disruptive to the Orcas’ natural behaviours. At worst, it threatens their safety.

At SpringTide Whale Watching, we respect the Whale Wise regulations as set out by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


The Wise Way To Watch Whales

That means we:

  • Keep a safe distance from the Whales (as per the diagram)
  • Never block a Whales path of travel
  • Slow or turn off our engines when inside the 400m zone.

Doing our part to view Whales responsibly ensures these stunning mammals can go about their business free of stress and negative impact. Besides, maybe you’ll get lucky. Quite often we’ll turn off the engines and float silently while the Whales come closer to get a good look at us!

The conservation of our marine environment is our most pressing concern. In fact, it’s such a deep-seated passion of ours, we actually wrote the rule book that’s used around the world to guide the operation of vessels in the vicinity of Whales and Marine Mammals. Specifically, Captain Dan wrote it back in the mid-90’s, aided by a team of Marine Biologists and Researchers. You can read more about this on our commitment to conservation page.

Look before you book whale watch operators