What to bring on all tours

  • Your camera
  • Warm Clothes & good gripping, closed heel and toe shoes
  • A sense of adventure!

On a Yacht

If you’re cruising on our 61’, Marauder IV, add an extra layer to cut the chill. It might seem warm on the dock, but once you’re out on the water the temperature can drop by quite a few degrees. A jacket to cut the wind will help. We’ve got complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate aboard, and we’re pleased to offer you the convenience of a spacious on-board bathroom.


In a Zodiac

If you’re headed for full-on excitement in a zodiac, we’ll have you suit up in a Coast Guard-approved one-piece suit (we have lots of sizes).  This cruiser suit is your life jacket but will also help to keep the chill at bay!  We also provide toques ( a Canadian term for hats!) and gloves for those cooler days.  We are often asked if it is okay to bring a camera, and the answer is .. for sure!  A strap to have the camera looped on your neck and inside your suit is a really easy way to carry it.  Or, there is on-board storage under your seat if you wish to bring a camera bag.

Comfortable, flat shoes are best, and pants and layered tops work well under the suits.