Whale and Wildlife Sightings

We have a great success rate for whale sightings .. this year – 98% of our tours sighted whales and we offer the best and most stable viewing platform in British Columbia. This means we have the opportunity to get some great whale and wildlife photos.  Here are some of the photos taken by the crew during our tours. All photos are taken with a zoom lens camera and cropped.

Recent Sightings

Fabulous Fall! Its the time of the year when the Salish Sea is rich with life. Humpback Whales feed upon the abundance of herring. The Salmon gather before moving upstream to spawn. Providing rich pickings for the Seals and Sea Lions. Orca patrol the coastline picking off the unwary or unlucky seals. All against a backdrop of the forest fall colours and autumn skies.

July 2021 Tour Photos

June 2021 Tour Photos

2020 Tour Sightings

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