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As a local (Victoria) tour guide, I wanted to host my 45+ year out of town friends to a Whale Watching Tour this past October 2023. The tour could not have been better and the Whale Watching crew were fantastic. We spotted seals, sea lions, a large herring ball, cormorants, eagles, and several hump back whales! I believe the hump back whale was feeding on the herring ball while we were stopped. While we watched the herring ball being dive bombed by several species of birds, a humpback whale breached about 100 feet from our tour boat. A few guests along with the whale watching company photographer caught the whale breaching both still shots and video. After the initial frenzied/happy responses from everyone aboard, guests shared both photos and videos amongst all those aboard.

What an incredible day. My three long time friends and I will never forget this tour. A huge thank you to all the staff on board. I highly recommend this tour to anyone or any group wanting to experience an incredible day on the water.

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