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Whale Vocalizations The ocean is, for the most part, a dark and empty place. Even in pristine conditions, sunlight only penetrates Read more
UPDATE: July 14, 2016 - Blackberry was finally spotted with J Pod and we are thrilled! To see his picture, Read more
As you may already know, we are lucky enough to receive the visit of two very different populations of orcas here, Read more
We love this city and with so many fascinating and fun activities to do here, we wanted to share them Read more
Watching orcas in their natural habitat provides a unique experience, but spotting them relies on a network of fishing vessels, Read more
Everybody loves baby animals and baby killer whales are no exception. Baby whales are called calves and they usually look like Read more
J50-Scarlet While we at SpringTide love ALL the southern resident killer whales, we would be lying if we said we didn’t Read more
One of the best things about studying and watching whales is that you are never tempted to think you’ve seen everything. Read more
Check out this awesome article from Kiro 7 News regarding our Transient Killer Whale population! Now deemed “Resident Transients,” mammal-eating Read more
  From the CBC Personalized health records could be on the way for our killer whale friends that share the Read more
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