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An international attraction is coming to Victoria for four days.

From July 18 to 21 the city will be taken over by an array of classic cars, hot rods and deuces.

The Deuce Days festival will showcase over 1000 classic cars. Providing an opportunity for car lovers to view a variety of classic and restored cars, meet their owners, and learn about the history and stories behind the vehicles.

The festival only happens once every three years, this will be the 9th edition in Victoria. The event was first held in 1998. There will be an arrival ceremony on July 18, and a Poker run where drivers draw cards as they visit different landmarks around greater Victoria. 

Sunday July 21st the cars will be staged on the legislature lawns and around the inner harbour for viewing.

So what is a Deuce?

A deuce is a type of hot rod.  The Deuce days festival will showcase vehicles that are pre-1952. Hot rods are classic or modern cars, usually modified for speed or performance. The term hot rod may have come from the car being stolen or that the camshaft or ‘rod’ has been upgraded. Today a hot rod can refer to any modification or upgrade to a vehicle. A deuce is a slang term referring to the Ford 1932 coupe,  Deuce meaning “2”. These cars were popular with young men as they were affordable and had a stylish V-8 engine.

Come on down to the inner harbour this weekend to check it out!

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