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Shorebirds of British Columbia

Who doesn’t love birds! Scroll down to learn about: Black Oystercatcher Red-necked Phalarope Black Turnstone Brown Pelican Great Blue Heron Black Oystercatcher Latin Name: Haematopus bachmani Distinguishing Features: Black feathers, bright … Continued

Southern Resident J16

Salmon, Essential for Survival

Salmon. Salmon. Salmon. The Oxford English Dictionary definition: “A large edible fish that is a popular sporting fish, much prized for its pink flesh. Salmon mature in the sea but … Continued

Spyhopping Resident Killer Whale

Whales Face Challenges as Salmon Decline

Southern Resident Killer Whales Face Many Challenges: Declining Salmon May be the Worst Written by Stefania Gorgopa Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) are at risk and declining salmon are a … Continued

British Columbia’s Seal Population

Advocates are pushing for a cull of British Columbia’s harbor seals. Such a decision could have consequences for a wide range of communities and industries. Authored by Brad Badelt  Earlier this … Continued

The Birds In Our Neighborhood

When the winter days are wet, and we are all bundled up, the birds around Victoria have different plans. Cold winter days are perfect days to be a duck! Around … Continued

Heard of Harbour seals say hello on a wildlife tour

The Biggest Sea Lions In The World

HUGE, smelly, loud, funny, curious. These are all words that we hear from guests when viewing Steller sea lions, and yes, they are all those things. Huge Steller sea lions … Continued

Mysterious White Whales of the World

Never has there been a more famous whale, real or imagined, than Moby Dick, the white sperm whale of literature who tormented an old sea captain. Captain Ahab swore to … Continued

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