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A Belted Kingfisher perched atop a branch. Source: SpringTide Whale Watching.

Spring in Victoria: A Bird Watcher’s Dream

There’s no better place than Vancouver Island to check off some bucket list bird sightings. Because of its location, Victoria gets birds on their migratory paths to and from their winter and summer grounds. This means that in spring and fall, Vancouver Island is overflowing with birds!

The image is of coastal rocks and water. There are a few seal heads poking out of the water, with a mother seal and calf laying on the rocks to the top left.

Seals’ “Catastrophic Molt”: A Natural Process

If you’ve spent time near the ocean lately, you might have noticed something unusual or even distressing. In late spring, all kinds of seals and sea lions are known to undergo a molting process. Sea lions have a much less dramatic molt, but seals have what is called a “catastrophic molt.”

Humpback breach

How Do Whales Communicate?

Whales communicate using a myriad of noises to socialize with the other whales in their pod. The method of communication depends on the species of whale and what purpose they … Continued

Spyhopping Resident Killer Whale

Whale Surfacing Behaviors

Whales, or to use the scientific word ‘Cetaceans ‘ can spend much of their life below the surface. But once they hit the surface they have many different behaviors we … Continued

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