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Humpback Whale Tail

October 30 2016 – There is just so much to see on this coast.  We spent time today with not one, not two but seven different Humpback Whales.  In the mix was even a mother and calf.  It has been such an awesome year for Humpback Whales that we forget it’s already the end of the season!  We also saw the usual suspects on this tour – Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and Bald Eagles.  Our wildlife adventure tours will be departing on our Zodiacs at 1pm every day from November to March.  If you are interested in booking a tour click here or if you’re far away and want to just enjoy the pictures and videos from our tours then click here!  Either way we want to share our love for Wildlife and the Ocean with you!

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