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Today Captain Ian brought his passengers north of Victoria Harbor in search of some Transient Orcas.

There had been a sighting earlier in the day of a group of Transient Orcas that had been spotted, however, they had not been seen for three hours at that point. So Ian headed north with his passengers and first went to view some Harbor Seals basking on the rocks of the Chain Islands. Also here, passengers got to see some beautiful bald eagles.

Once Ian and his passengers had taken a look at the wildlife in the Chain Islands, the group of Transient Orcas has been picked up again near Zero Rock. So, Ian headed further north to check them out!

Once on scene, there appeared to be 6 individuals from two separate matrilines who were traveling together. The two families were the T90’s and the T69D’s. While viewing the whales at first, it appeared as though there was a little porpoise that was following the group. This was extremely confusing to all that watched the group as killer whales like to eat porpoises! In the end, it was determined that it was a very new calf which explained its tiny size!

Once Ian and the passengers got a good look at the group, Ian began the trip back home to harbor.

An amazing experience out on the water!

Photo taken by Captain Ian. For more photos of this tour, visit our Facebook album here.

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