NOV 8 2014 – The weather in Victoria has been beautiful these past few days and today was much the same! Our afternoon trip headed out with calm waters and perfect fall weather. Captain Ian started his trip by heading east to Trial Island in search of some marine wildlife. At Trial they found some harbour seals laying about on the rocky edges of the island. Heading more east the boat went to the chain islands to find more harbour seals playing in the water and sunning themselves on the rocks. After viewing the seals Ian set off to Discovery and Chatham Islands where the group had a great viewing of a bald eagle!

After spending some time watching the eagle Ian decided to head back west to Race Rocks as he had heard there were some humpbacks in that direction. Upon arriving at Race the group got to see hundreds of stellar and California sea lions on the rocks and in the water. Nearby there were even more harbour seals!

Captain Ian got word that the humpbacks in the area were found and he sped off in their direction. The group found two humpback whales just outside of Race Rocks. The whales were making deep dives and staying under for a while. The passengers were left to wait in anticipation of the whales to resurface and when they did it was always a shock and awe! There were quite a few flukes and made for some great photo opportunities! Captain Ian extended the trip so that the tour would be able to spend more time with the whales and enjoy their experience on the water to its full effect!


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