A Steller Sea Lion. Image: Fiona Fogarty.
A Steller Sea Lion. Image: Fiona Fogarty.

It was the perfect introduction to SpringTide’s Marine Wildlife Tours for the passengers on the afternoon Zodiac tour! After only a short ride, Skipper Stu came across some very playful Dall’s porpoise, darting in and out of the waves and jumping around in front of the boat. Also along for the ride were some Harbour porpoise seemingly enjoying the company of their close relatives the Dall’s porpoise.

The boat then moved on the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where our passengers enjoyed a nice long look at the California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions, Harbour and Elephant Seals hauled up on the rocks. Race Rocks is also home to a picturesque lighthouse, the perfect icon for landscape photographers.

On the way home everyone was thrilled to see exactly what they were after: a large Humpback Whale gracefully making its way west toward the open Pacific Ocean.  The Humpback initially surfaced in front of the boat and then treated our guests to some wonderful photo opportunities; with slow and steady tail flukes.

Although the pitter-patter of rain was present toward the end of the trip, our passengers were warmed by the wonderful array of wildlife they had encountered and all had a fantastic time.


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