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An amazing tour with a breaching humpback whale known as ‘Two Spot’ and a pod of killer whales that includes a young and  incredibly rare ‘white’ Orca whale.

'Two Spot' Tail Fluke
‘Two Spot’ Tail Fluke

An amazing winter continues. Within 10 minutes of leaving the harbor we saw our first humpback whale. Continuing our search we found three more whale including a local favorite known as ‘Two Spot’. The nickname is due to the two circular spots on each fluke of its tail.

'Two Spot' Pectoral Fin
‘Two Spot’ Pectoral Fin

We also encountered a huge male elephant seal who was content to watch us as we watched him.

Elephant Seal
Elephant Seal

Before returning to Victoria we had the company of a pod of mammal hunting killer whales known as the T46B’s.

T46B1B the 'white' whale
T46B1B the ‘white’ whale


The incredibly rare Orca known as T46B1B and nicknamed Tl’uk has unusual skin pigmentation so that whereas the rest of the pod are high contrast black and white this animal is shades of grey.

Member of T46B's
Member of T46B’s


A very interesting and unusual encounter.

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