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Tufted Puffin Photo By Marcus
Photo By: Marcus Bergstrom

May 7 2019- Tuesday was a day for diversity with a rare puffin, two types of baleen whales, and a Sea Otter.

The weather this week has been amazing, making for a warm day on the water. In the morning Captain Marty brought his zodiac passengers out to Discovery Island for a look at some Transient Killer Whale food: Harbour Seals and Sea Lions. They then ventured further off-shore to look for blows in the distance. Low and behold they saw something over by Smith Island in U.S. waters. The shallow waters around the island are a great feeding ground for whales and birds alike. When they got there they found a sneaky Minke Whale. Minkes are known for their unpredictable behaviour making them a tricky whale to watch. The highlight of the trip for Naturalist Marcus was the Tufted Puffin that posed perfectly for a photo, a rare sighting for our region.

The day got even better when Captain Marty found a juvenile Gray Whale in Crescent Bay on our afternoon tour. The amazing trip was made complete when they encountered the ‘teddy bear of the sea’, a cute Sea Otter.

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