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There was an autumn chill in the air, a fresh day for exploring. Marauder IV set sail in the morning and passengers and crew were excited for the next three hours on the Salish Sea. With fresh coffee in hand we headed out of the inner harbour and into the open.


Mount Baker. Photo taken by Captain Yves.


We sailed in the direction of Race Rock Ecological Reserve, near Victoria. Race Rocks is one of our favourite spots for viewing a splendid array of marine wildlife and we were in luck- Humpback Whales! We bobbed silently alongside the Whales, listening out of their blows and the following the sound with our eyes. Bingo!

Humpback Whale
Humpback Whales. The blow and a tail! Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens and heavily cropped.


We were lucky enough to spot multiple Humpback’s diving together. It is really special moment when we get to observe whales in the wild diving, feeding and often being playful together. Currently, in the Salish Sea we are having some what of a ‘Humpback Comeback’, so we often get to spot these Whales, however, this doesn’t take away the magic of spotting synchronized diving!

Humpback Whale
Synchronized diving from Humpback Whales. Photo take by Captain Yves with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


A little later, close again to Race Rocks, we encounter a sea bird feeding frenzy, it was quite something to witness! It was a very loud, but great display of flocking sea birds.

Flocking Sea Birds
Got cha! Flocking Sea birds hunting for fish. Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


Before heading back to Victoria, we got some fantastic sightings of Seals & Sea Lions at Race Rocks. We saw some large Steller Sea Lions elegantly posing. Steller Sea Lions are the largest of all Sea Lions and with the Olympic Mountains in the back ground, it was a wonderful sight to see.

Sea Lions
Steller Sea Lions & the Olympic Mountains. Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


What a wonderful day! We returned home with big smiles and lots of photographs to share a after a successful trip.

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