AUGUST 15, 2015 – The sky was filled with dark ominous clouds when we headed out this afternoon, but the East looked quite nice which was where we planned on going to find our Resident killer whales. When we arrived off the South coast of San Juan Island, we saw our first dorsal fins rise out of the water. K-Pod was here!

There was a group of about 7 or 8 swimming close together, and we spotted Scoter, one of the large males, among them. Soon after arriving on scene, one of the orcas did a big spy hop right out of the water and checked us out!  We saw a couple of them do some barrel rolls and slap their tails on the surface as well. They were all fairly relaxed as they were swimming quite close together along the surface. We hung out with this group for a little bit until we spotted a pair just a little bit more south of us. As we headed in their direction, they popped up all of a sudden right near us and everyone got a great view of their beautiful saddle patches and impressive dorsal fins!

The whole time we were with the whales off the coast of San Juan Island the weather had held off and the sun even came out for a little bit and warmed the air for us. It turned out to be another perfect afternoon with our finned friends!

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