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This morning Captain Marty steered Marauder IV south east, straight into the glorious sunshine. He cruised along with a beautiful vista of the Olympic Mountains to the south and Mount Baker to the East and in no time at all came across some exciting wildlife. At Constance Bank the crew and passengers alike awed at the marvelous Humpback Whale they had spotted. They stopped and gazed, bobbing alongside the beautiful Whale.

We next headed to Race Rocks with the sun continuing to shine. We spotted a pair of Bald Eagles, perched silently on the rocks. Turning the corner, we caught sight of our favorite Sea Otter – “Harry Otter”! He was looking super cute, soaking up some vitamin D, relaxing in the Kelp.

Sea Otter Race Rocks
Sea Otter, Photo by Captain Yves, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

Later that afternoon, we found “Big Mama”- a famous Humpback Whale who is familiar in the local waters and her super cute Calf! The Calf, who had gotten bored of waiting for his mother, proceeded to perfectly demonstrate Tail Lobbing in order to get his Mother’s attention! So cool!

Humpback Whales Victoria BC
Humpack Tail, Photo by Captain Yves. Image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

It was a calm afternoon with a cool breeze and we had one zodiac trip left to go. A slightly later one than usual, Skipper Bennit headed South of Lopez after reports of Killer Whales and found the T46A’s. The pod of Transient Orca were peacefully swimming in the early evening sun – What an end to a spectacular day!

Main Image Captain Log
Photo by SpringTide Crew, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

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