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Vancouver Island has some of the best Whale Watching in the whole world.  We are so lucky to call this place home.  September is also one of the best months to watch whales and other marine wildlife.  We are seeing a mixture of Transient and Resident Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whales.  We also see four different species of pinnipeds (the seal and sea lion family) and of course Dall’s and Harbour Porpoise too.  Mix an array of wildlife with stunning scenery and rugged coastline and you have it all!

Vancouver Island Whale Watching
Spyhopping Orca taken by Captain Yves Trottier

This afternoon was warm and sunny with calm seas as our covered vessel headed southwest towards Race Rocks, an ecological reserve with abundant marine life.  Just east of the rocks we encountered a family of Transient Killer Whales. It was the T109s swimming fast towards Race Rocks.  They passed on the North side of the rocks and continued west.  Just west of the rocks they made a kill – probably a Harbour Seal although we couldn’t see for sure as – except for a lot of splashing – most of the action was under water. After some time with this family of whales we headed further west and found a juvenile Humpback Whale.  It was  a small Humpback – probably born in the winter of 2017.  After watching it surface and dive a number of times we headed towards Race Rocks to look at the many sea lions and seals that haul out there.  On the way back to Victoria we stopped again to see another Humpback Whale, this time a large adult.  Another great day on the water.

If you would like to check out some pictures from today’s tours or you are interested in learning more about Vancouver Island Whale Watching then check out SpringTide’s Facebook Page.

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