A Pacific White-sided Dolphin. Image: Fiona Fogarty.
A Pacific White-sided Dolphin. Image: Fiona Fogarty.

Zodiac Skipper Stu was a happy man when he returned from yet another amazing adventure with Vancouver Island’s stunning marine wildlife! The first stop was a pod of playful Pacific White-sided Dolphins. The dolphins were great fun, porpoising around the boat and playing in the wake. The dolphins were not alone though, having found some playmates in a group of surprisingly friendly Harbour Porpoise.

The tour then moved on to three Humpbacks, travelling individually about a mile apart from each other. They put on a wonderful display with plenty of slow tail flukes, making for some amazing pictures.

On the way back to Victoria the boat made a stop by Race Rocks to check in on our local Pinnipeds.  We saw plenty of Stellar and Californian Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and Elephant Seals. The Elephant Seals were the clear favourite for many passengers, as the long noses of the males look quite comical at times.

Reflecting on all the wildlife he saw in just three hours, Skipper Stu said, “Vancouver Island delivered again today. I’m constantly amazed by the diversity of the marine wildlife here and just how many amazing creatures call our local waters home.”

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