unusual dorsal fin
Unusual Dorsal Fin

August 7, 2016 – This morning our boats travelled east, stopping to look at some adorable Harbour Seals at Trial Island before travelling south to meet up with many Humpback whales. Our passengers got to enjoy many surfaces and got pictures of the Humpbacks gorgeous tails as they went down for deep dives. On the way back to Victoria our passengers aboard Marauder IV were treated to a large group of Harbour Porpoises swimming alongside them.

In the afternoon, Marauder and our zodiacs travelled west under the sunshine and clear skies until they caught up with a Humpback whale! They watched it dive a few times before continuing further west where they spent the next half hour with a group of Transient Killer Whales. The male in the pod had a very unusual dorsal fin, as it was curved at the top. Just another fantastic day on the Salish Sea!

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