Spyhopping Orca off Vancouver Island
Spyhopping Orca off Vancouver Island

JUNE 12, 2015- This morning was fantastic wildlife viewing  out at Race Rocks! Our boats saw a huge Humpback Whale we know as Big Momma, as well as California and Stellar Sea Lions, a MASSIVE Elephant Seal, and our sea otter friend Harry! There was so much going on we spent almost an hour checking out all of the animals and learning about their habits, culture and native eco-system.

In the afternoon, our Captain Ian found Killer Whales traveling inbound from Becher Bay (and shared the experience with our other boats of course)! This afternoon was also super unique…   when Captain Geoff on our Zodiac Fastide spotted an U Whale… “Unknown & Unnamed Killer Whale”.  In the past we have seen two transient males travelling together, U38 and U39, however they haven’t been seen in years!

The Unknown Orca could be from far offshore waters, or a California transient. Very little is known about these mysterious whales as there has never been a biopsy done to determine lineage or food source, and they are quite rare to see. With so few sightings, no one has been able to properly identify these sophisticated hunters.

Our guests and crew alike felt so lucky to be a part of such a rare event!

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