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Our Zodiac vessel took off in the afternoon in search of some marine wildlife, our passengers were wrapped up and scanning the horizon excitedly. After only a little while, we came across the day’s first species- Humpback Whales. We got very lucky; we saw approximately 15 Humpbacks in the same area- we didn’t know where to look! They were feeding, diving, surfacing and blowing all around us! We bobbed along side the beautiful creatures in awe.  After a long while we left the Humpbacks and headed for Race Rocks, hoping to spot more marine wildlife and we saw both Seals & Sea Lions lounging on the rocks! We then turned back towards Victoria and headed home but not before coming across yet another species; A Transient Killer Whale, it was T46A! We were over the moon to have spotted another type of Whale and what a fantastic way to end our trip.

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