Two Resident Orca Pods
Southern Residents at Play!

October 16 2016 – After yesterday’s storm, we were greeted this morning by calmer seas and drier skies as two of our High-Speed Zodiacs – FasTide and RipTide with Skippers Mark and Ian left Victoria’s Inner Harbour for the Salish Sea. Our Zodiacs headed west out of the Harbour, hoping to find some Whales.  Out near Otter Point, one of our Zodiacs, RipTide, was the first boat to come on scene with one of the 3 pods of Southern Resident Killer Whales, J-Pod.   FasTide soon joined, and our passengers got to experience these stunning animals in the wild.  After watching J-Pod for a while, playing in the waves and breaching, they were joined by another of the resident pods, K-Pod.  Two resident orca pods – what a sight!

Our boats then went searching once again, and managed to catch up with a group of between 5 and 7 Humpback Whales!  We also made a stop off at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve on our way back to take in the Seals and Sea Lions lounging on the rocks.  It’s always an incredible experience getting to see such a huge diversity of wildlife in the space of a few hours.  What an amazing day!

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